Fig Using NFC on Samsung A71 And How to Turn On A Totally Dead

Fig Using NFC on Samsung A71

Near Field Communication (NFC) is one of  the  excellent features installed on the Samsung A71.  This feature  provides a lot of convenience for each user.   Despite this, there are many people who do not yet know how to use nfc on Samsung A71.  This is the information.

How to Enable the NFC Feature on Samsung A71

Before using this feature, you must first enable it.  The first step  to activate this feature is to open Settings and select Connections.  Then, press NFC and  Contactless Payment. The final step  is to press the button to enable the NFC  feature on the device.

Another way to enable this feature is to  pull the screen up down, then gulir to the side to find the NFC  option and activate it.  Once  this feature is active, you can use  it to make your  activities easier, such as payments or balance checks.

How to Connect Two Gadgets with nft feature

One of  the advantages of this feature is to connect two devices that will exchange data. You can move  photos taken using a DSLR to a  phone that is both equipped with the NFC  feature  by bringing the two devices closer together.

After the two are connected,  the photo can be moved using the help of wifi.  In addition,  the phone can  also be approached with Bluetooth  speakers or headphones to connect the two devices without having to enter a code for confirmation.

How to Top Up Mandiri e Money Balance with NFC

The way to top up the balance using the NFC  feature is very easy. You just need to  log in to the Online  standalone app and select E Money, then press Recharge E Money and stick the card on the back of the phone until the balance appears on the screen. You can check and top up the balance that way.

Usingnfc on Samsung A71 to top up your  balance through Bukalapak or Tokopedia is  also very easy.  First open the   application, then select Top Up and  Bills, press the advanced feature of Electronic Money, and select Mandiri E Money to check the balance or top up the balance .

It is   important that you  check your balance before carrying out activities related to  payments using electronic money  cards.  The existence of NFC can make it easier for you  to  check and top up your balance for payment of  toll  road tickets,  MRT tickets,  transjakarta tickets.

 Bni Tap Cash Balance Checking with NFC

The NFC feature also makes it easier for BNI Tap Cash  users to check balances and top up balances  for shopping application top-ups  .  You must download the  Tap Cash Go  application first, then  top up to top up the  balance at Tokopedia or Bukalapak.

How to Top Up  BRI Brizzi User Balance with NFC

The first step  is to download and install BRI Mobile on the  Samsung A71 device, and register. After that, you can open the Internet Banking menu, then select Purchases, and press Top Up Online Brizzi.

Enter the nominal saldo and  card number, then stick the Brizzi  card behind the screen of your  phone. After that, the balance appears and you can continue the replenishment.

 Samsung Pay Payment  with NFC

In addition to having an NFC  feature, Samsung A71 is also equipped with the Samsung Pay  application that  you can use to make payments  online. You just need to bring the phone that has activated the NFC feature closer  to the payment terminal.

This model payment method  is fairly easy and safe. You can activate and open the Samsung Pay  app when you  are about to make a payment transaction.  In addition,  a relatively  close distance, it does not allow piracy of transactions to  occur.

Cara uses nfc in Samsung A71 for payment equipped with fingerprint  and PIN for validation oftransaction set iap.  Thus, transaction security is well maintained  .

How to Turn On A Totally Dead Samsung A71

Samsung    phones, of course, the quality is unquestionable.  However, if you use a Samsung cellphone, especially the Samsung A71 excessively, it will cause damage such as a complete death.  Here’s how to turn on the Samsung A71 cellphone that is completely dead which can be  a solution.

Using a Desktop Charger

You can  charge  it usinga  desktop  charger as an  alternative.  In addition, you can use another  charger that has a special design to be able to   charge the  battery outside the Samsung HP case.

Although it is like a simple way,  charging  from the outside is quite a complicated way  because, this charger  is intended for phones that have a removable battery .  While the Samsung A71 has a built-in battery.

Charging the Battery

The  second totally dead Samsung A71 is to try to charge the   Samsung HP battery. If the phone responds then the cause is a depleted  cell phone battery.  This condition is not caused by damage to either components or systems.

Naturally,  a phone that is depleted in power will  not respond if you try to turn on through the Power  button repeatedly. Lalu, also pay attention when charging the  battery, if the  phone experiences high heat then you must immediately unplug the charger.

Flashing HP Through Laptop

Flashing is a process that   aims to replace an Android  system that has been damaged or has been for a long time with the latest or  normal  system. This is  highly recommended so that samsung phones can function again.

To be able to do this flashing, you need a PC or laptop and a smooth internet  network.

Performing a Wipe System

Wipe system is to remove the  system that has been preinstalled  on  your phone.  To be able to  access this Wipe System, you need to  enter the Recovery Mode  section. To enter into recovery  mode you just  need to use the  power and volume key combination.

After successfully logging in, select the Wipe Menu then, select  the Wipe System option and press Yes when the notification appears. After that, you can wait until the process is completed.  Next, reinstall the system by using the  .zip file containing the  firmware ROM.

Clearing the Cache

One of  the causes of HP’s complete shutdown is the presence of accumulated data caches.  To solve the problem, you need to remove it by going through Recovery Mode.  The trick is to press the power button and volume down  at  the same time, holding it for a few seconds.

After that,  your phone will vibrate and go straight into  Recovery Mode.  Then, select the Wipe menu. Then, select the Wipe Data and Wipe Cache  options to clean up all the data and junk files  that are inside the  phone.

Next, wait a  while for it to finish. Then, turn off the phone through Recovery Mode.  Then, try turning  your  phone back on.

Conducting HP Condition Tests Using Other Chargers

You can try replacing the charger with another charger.  However, you need to make sure if the other chargers  are original and  new. This is  because the majority of non-genuine   chargers cause quite serious problems.   In addition,  it will not cope with the complete shutdown of hp.

Bringing hp to the Service Center

You can consider taking the  HP Samsung A71 to the nearest service center. This is   so that you can find out which  component parts are damaged.

If it has been found and must be repaired then usually the process is carried out in about 1-2 days, besaran the service cost varies.

In addition to  excessive use of hp,  manufacturing defects and negligence of use when carrying hp can also  be the cause of HP becoming completely dead.  How to turn on the fully dead Samsung A71 hp  above  you  can apply to find out what problems your smartphone is experiencing.

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