How to Activate Shopee PayLater to Get the Right Acc and how to shop at shopee pick up at indomaret

Enjoying many shopping products at Shopee today can be done more easily and flexibly through the Shopee PayLater method. It’s just that, there are still many users of the application who don’t even know how to activate Shopee PayLater so that it is in the right acc. In fact, if it has not been activated before, then it cannot be used later.

Actually, as one of the most popular marketplaces in Indonesia, Shopee has provided various payment methods that can certainly be adjusted later. Namun if it turns out that you have problems in the payment process when shopping and want to pay in the future, then Shopee PayLater is the best solution. For more complete information, please see below:

About Shopee PayLater

The more you come here, Shopee is indeed more committed to making it easier for each user, especially when you want to shop with payments later. In order to facilitate the payment process, Shopee finally released a method under the name Shopee PayLater which cannot be used according to needs. Every user can spend a lot but with payment through installments.

If you are familiar with this payment method for the first time, then there is no need to feel confused because the method can be done easily. In fact, there are various interesting options related to the duration of payments ranging from three months or even about a year. In addition, how to activate such services is also simple when done.

Terms of Activating Shopee PayLater

Before getting to know more about how to activate Shopee PayLater so that it is in the right acc, then first recognize the conditions. Moreover, it turns out, there are some requirements that are actually important but are still underestimated by Shopee users until now. Let’s get to know some of the important conditions as below:

  • Users have indeed used Shopee for at least about three months.
  • The Shopee account you want to use has been verified first.
  • Don’t forget to prepare the KTP file so that it will be easier later.
  • Make sure that the application used is in the latest version.
  • Users must often make transactions through the Shopee account.

Tutorial to Activate Shopee PayLater Easily

Setah successful in fulfilling every requirement that has been mentioned earlier, then next just try to apply for the Shopee PayLater activation process. For those who have never tried before, later there is no need to worry because laterthis method can be practiced so easily. Please refer to the procedures below before practicing immediately:

  • Make sure that each Shopee application is installed correctly.
  • Don’t forget to open the app and log in to your account first.
  • After that, please continue by selecting the My menu below.
  • Please swipe until you find the special Shopee PayLater menu provided.
  • After that, please find the section for activating the payment service.
  • Thenthe user only needs to enter the verification code given earlier.
  • If you have successfully entered it, then please just press Next.
  • Next, please start by providing proof of identity in the form of a picture of an ID card.
  • Don’t forget to also enter any other important information requested.
  • Completing additional information also needs to be done appropriately and according to the facts.
  • Then please also upload other evidence in the form of a photo of yourself with your ID card.
  • Finally, everypengg una only needs to wait for an answer from Shopee.

The description that explains how to activate Shopee PayLater so that it is fully acceded must be known before later trying it directly. Plus, there are still many people whouse the Shopee application who apparently do not recognize what are the requirements that must be met first. But at least the procedure for activating it can be done so easily.

How to Activate Shopee PayLater to Get the Right Acc

Do you already know that you can now shop at Shopee and can pick it up at Indomaret? Buyers who like to shop at Shopee can now take groceries directly for daily necessities at the nearest Indomaret. The method is quite easy but it will be a little tricky  if the reader does notunderstand the provisions. Find out how to shop at Shopee grab at Indomaret, come on!

Although this method is quite practical and certainly makes it easier for many buyers, this method only applies in a few stores. To find out what stores are the groceries busa taken at the nearest Indomaret, know the review of the steps of how to shop at Shopee take at Indomaret below:

1. Use Location Filters

The first step to shopping at Indomaret is to start looking for grocery products, especiallyin the future. Open the Shopee application and go directly to the search field. Write down the name of the product or type of product you want to buy. Next wait for the search results to come out. Apply the location filter found in the upper right corner of the app view.

Choose a location that isclose to the buyer. Why is that? Because how to shop at Shopee pick up at Indomaret can only be done with the Indo Paket delivery option. This delivery option can only be done for certain stores that are still in 1 location with the store. Pilihlah the location of the store which is still 1 city or sub-district with the location of the buyer.

2. Check Shipping Options

If you have already got a store with the right location, check the available shipping options. To check it, the buyer can slide the view down. Then at the bottom of the product image, there will usually be a description of the delivery option. If the buyer presses this description, then the buyer will be shown the delivery option along with the price description.

Press and check the description of this shipping option. Assurely buyers can find delivery options with Indopaket. If there is no this delivery option then the buyer cannot shop and pick up at the nearest Indomaret.

3. Select the Pick Up Option

If the selected store uses the Indopaket delivery option, then continue shopping activities. Select the product from the store you want to buy. Next, process the delivery by pressing the Check out button. If confirm the order in advance by checking the address section and the name of the buyer. Then press the giriman optionand select Indopaket.

Continue by adding a pickup location. Fill in the name and active phone number of the buyer. Then add a pick-up location by entering city and subdistrict information. If you have, find a store. Select thenearest Ind omaret store from the map image. If you have, press the confirm button.

4. Check Out

After the pick-up address has been determined, then the buyer can continue the Checkout process. Choose a payment method that is convenient for the buyer. For this shipping option, we recommend that buyers use the cashless payment method. The Indo Paket option does not yet support the COD or cash on delivery feature. If so, press the Checkout button.

5. Pick Up Groceries

If the package has arrived at the pick-up location, the buyer will get anauthentication from Shopee. The notification is equipped with a PIN that will be used to pick up the package at Indomaret. Make sure to bring an identity card complete with an active number and PIN that has been obtained for grocery collection at Indomaret.

That’s how to shop at Shopee at Indomaret that readers should know for more convenient and practical shopping. Grocery packages can be picked up within 7 days. Package tracking is also available in the Shopee app.


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