how to fix the vivo cellphone sound by itself and solve a blank

Users who have just used a smartphone from VIVO will definitely be surprised because the phone often sounds on its own. This is because the built-in feature called TalkBack that is present in all VIVO series is active. This feature will sound itself when the user touches the cellphone. Then how to overcome hp VIVO sounds yourself?

Actually, this feature is specifically for people with visual impairments to be able to help use mobile phones. Each icon touched will bring up a sound that explains in detail aboutthe i con. However, this kind of thing will be annoying for a normal person. Turning off this feature is the way out, here are some ways to turn off the TalkBack feature:

Use Smartphone Key Combinations

Actually, the built-in feature of vivo is very youngand turned off using only a combination of keys. This step is done to reset the settings from the beginning on the VIVO cellphone. The phone will reboot then the system will work from scratch again. We recommend that you first backup important data in thecell box if there is a problem later.

By doing a combination of keys for a few seconds at the same time the TalkBack feature will automatically turn off. This step is simpler and users don’t have to swipe around the screen because it’s a little difficult to shift. Theuser can do the following steps to do it:

  • Turn off your HP VIVO by pressing the power button as usual.
  • Then turn the phone back on by pressing the power button along with the volume up or down button for three seconds.
  • In betweenthe follow-up, a notification will appear on the screen when the screen is active again.
  • After the TalkBack notification has turned off, the feature cannot sound itself.
  • If the phone has finished rebooting then the phone will run the system starting all over again.

Do It With The Phone Settings Menu

Another way that can be used to turn off the TalkBack feature on VIVO phones is to take advantage of the phone’s settings menu. Users can navigate to the phone settings to turn off this feature. First , make sure that the TalkBack feature is active. The feature when opening the screen will be surrounded by green.

Active Google voice as a result of this active TalkBack feature in addition to being annoying also affects screen performance for normal people. Users harus swipe or scroll the screen with two tabs, this is very impractical. How to overcome HP VIVO’s own sound can be turned off just by setting up the phone and how to do it:

  • Go to the settings or settings of the VIVO phone.
  • Thenthe car is another setting menu by scrolling down.
  • Click the more settings menu and select the assistant menu or assistant menu.
  • The next page will display the TalkBack feature on or off.
  • Click the TalkBack menu, then slide the on off button to the left so that the TalkBack feature turns off.
  • Done, users can check it with normal screen performance again and google voice does not appear.

The TalkBack feature may come back to life when a careless user for example presses home along with the volume button, thenthis fit your will be active. If the method of turning off above cannot work then the user can do other alternatives such as doing factory settings. However, before doing this step, you should secure important data on the phone.

The steps above sometimes also cannot work on some VIVO series, so users can do this alternative method. It’s best not to dabble in enabling this feature if the phone’s performance is to be normal. Some events can causen lost phone data, therefore do not try this feature again after the feature is disabled.

how to solve a blank vivo cellphone

When using a Vivo cellphone, have you ever experienced the problem of the cellphone being blank and cannot be turned on? If ever, then users must understand how to overcome a blank Vivo cellphone so that it can be used again. Users don’t need to panic and immediately take the Vivo cellphone to the direct service place.

When you find a blank HP problem that occurs, you can try it in an easy way so that it can function as usual. Make sure the user can reactivate and run the Vivo phone normally. Try to follow the easy steps to overcome the blank Vivo hp below:

1. Restart HP Vivo

At the time of the problem where the Vivo smartphone suddenly became blank and could not be activated. Try to restart the cellphone first directly. By pressing the power button for a long time and letting the Vivo phone respond. Next, after waiting for a while, try to manually turn on the Vivo cellphone that was restarted.

Usually, Vivo phones can bank this because they use too many applications or open other large applications. Finally, the system on vivo phones becomes slow and errors, this will affect the performance of the cellphone. As a result, Vivo’s HP Then it became blank and could not be used for a while.

2. Trying to Clear system cache

If hp Vivo bank, then the way to overcome HP Vivo blank can be by trying to clear the existing cache system. Cache is a part of the android system, where the task is to store data related to the system. The more storage and its relationship to the system, the more overload or crashes can occur.

To overcome the crash, users can delete the system cache periodically. However, if it is already blank, then press power and volume down at the same time. The recovery menu will appear and select for wipe cache. Later some data that interferes with the system can be deleted and try to turn on the Vivo cellphone as usual.

3. Reset your cellphone when blank

If the Vivo phone is still blank and cannot be restarted, then try to perform a factory reset. To runthis hard reset, Vivo CELLPHONE users only need to do the following steps:

  • When the HP is in a dead state, then wait for a while.
  • Press together the power section as well as the upper or lower volume on the side of the Vivo HP.
  • Later the user will beinvited to the recovery mode menu.
  • Next select the Factory reset menu and immediately reset the Vivo cellphone.
  • Wait a few moments for the system to work and hp will return to factory settings.
  • Next, try to turn the Vivo cellphone back on and if successful, the Vivo hp can be used again.

4. Cleaning the Socket on the HP Vivo Screen

When experiencing problems with a Vivo cellphone, then the way to overcome a blank Vivo cellphone can be by cleaning the socket on the screen. Users can simply remove the part on the existing cellphone independently. The steps yang can be done as follows:

  • Removing the rear case of HP Vivo.
  • Research the side and there is a screen socket.
  • Try removing the cable then take the eraser.
  • Try to clean it at the end of the HP Vivo connector cable using the eraser.
  • Next, connect and reinstall components such as batteries, HP Vivo cases.
  • Wait a while and turn on the Vivo phone as usual.
  • If the hardware handling is right, it means that the Vivo hp can turn on again without blanks.

By understanding how to deal with a blank Vivo HP and following easy instructions. Users don’t need to worry and try to overcome the Vivo smartphone they use first without having to go to service. However, if you have done several ways and followed the instructions, the Vivo HP is still blank, it means that the usermust service the cellphone so that it can be used again.


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