How to fix Vivo cellphone no sound and how to connect vivo cellphone to anycast

The problem of silent cellphones is experienced by many android phone users. Of course, this problem is quite troublesome because the activity of using a cellphone is disrupted. This is because the role of cellphones is currently quite important for everyday life. If the reader is now sedang experiencing such a problem, know the cause and how to solve the vivo cellphone does not have the following sound:

Causes of CellPhone Loss of Sound

Before discussing how to overcome it, readers should know why first. Generally there are many things that can cause this disorder to occur. It’s not just hardware issues, even  a stacked cache can also trigger this problem. Find out more from the review below:

  • Bugs on cellphones. As mentioned above, the presence of errors or interference in the luna k devicerunning on the cellphone can also cause the sound of the cellphone to disappear. Bugs or glitches in the system can also be triggered by cache heaps  or the presence of a virus infection.
  • A cellphone that is still connected to another sound device. Although it sounds simple, cellphone usersoften forget to turn off connectivity to other devices. Some cellphones may be able to automatically stop the connection and return to normal after restarting. However, some versions of cellphones actually reconnect automatically after restarting.
  • Hp muted. Eachandroid phone has a mute phone option in the settings. Often users forget that already enabled this setting. In some cases there is also cellphone activity that triggers the system to mute the cellphone automatically.
  • Damage to the speakers. Foreign objects entering the speaker may damage the speaker. Check and remember whether the cellphone has ever been dropped or thrown. Large pressure on the cellphone can also damage the speaker.

How to Solve Vivo CellPhones That Lost Sound

Apart from the above causes, there are many other causes that make cellphones silent. If the reader cannot recognize the cause, the reader can try how to solve the Vivo cellphone does not have this sound. This method is done as an initial action before taking the cellphone to the service outlet. The steps areas below:

1. Check the Volume Settings

The first step to do is to check the volume settings. On android phones usually the sound volume is set in the settings menu. If the reader only adjusts the volume through the volume button, it could be that the volume raised is not the volume of the speaker but the volume of notifications and so on.

Open the settings or settings menu on your phone. Next, go to the sound settings section. Make sure the reader sets the highest volume for thevolume e speaker. If you have, save and exit the settings menu.

2. Clear Cache

After making sure the volume is set in the highest sound, now the reader must clear the cache. To optimally clear  the cache, perform the deletion through the Recovery Android menu. Turn off the phone by pressing the power button and holding it down. After the phone turns off, press the power button along with the volume up button and hold it until the Vivo logo appears on the screen.

If the reader has successfully entered the Recovery menu, select the Wipe Cache optionby using the volume button as the cursor and the power button as Ok. After clearing the cache , restart the cellphone to turn the cellphone back on.

3. Test Speaker

Finally, after the cellphone has  been successfully cleared  of the cache, check the speaker. Open the dial button or tomake a call. Then, press *#0*# and call. There will be several hp check options displayed on the screen. Press the Speaker option to check the sound.

If the steps of how to overcome the Vivo cellphone no sound above cannotreverse the sound of the reader’s cellphone, the solution is to take the cellphone to the service outlet. Use a valid cellphone warranty if any.

Vivo presents new features that are no less interesting. Now many smartphones are releasing features that already exist in  other smartphones but with a higher level or scale. Unlike Vivo. This phone brand actually offers a mirroring display feature. However, to use it, readers need to know how to connect a Vivo cellphone to Anycast.

This mirroring display featureallows users to display the display in a cellphone on other devices. One of them is TV. Even the TV that can be used for this cellphone feature also does not require high specifications. In fact, readers can also use tube TVs. Interested in trying it out? Find out more about Anycast first:

About Anycast

Some of the readers may feel unfamiliar or have never even heard of the name Anycast before. In fact, Anycast has an important role to fityour mirroring display on Vivo phones. This is because Anycast is an additional device needed to connect a Vivo cellphone to a TV so that the display on the cellphone can be seen on the TV.

Although the mirroring display feature can display various hp displays on the TV, not all system displays can be read or visible on the TV. Anycast can be a solution to overcome this. An unreadable view of the system can be displayed by Anycast help. This device can work with a cablefrom RCA to HDMI.

How to Connect Vivo Phone with Anycast

Before knowing how to connect a Vivo cellphone to Anycast, you should prepare some of the necessary devices first. Some of these devices such as the Viv o cellphonewhich supports the mirroring display feature, RCA cable, HDMI, and Anycast. Here are the steps to connect it:

1. Connect Anycast to HDMI

TVs that can be connected to Anycast are only TVs that have an HDMI port. Whereas for tube TVs, of course , most do not have an HDMI port. To fix this, readers can use an RCA cable that can be used to connect to an HDMI cable. Connect the 3 ends of the RCA cable according to their color to the ports available on the TV.

Next on the HDMI section, connect the other end with the Anycast device. Be sure to connect the end of the cable with the right port. Meanwhile, if there is already an HDMI port on the TV, connect Anycast directly to the TV. Use the first branch anycast dongle to connectto the HDMI port of the TV and the second branch for the USB TV part.

2. Move TV Channels to HDMI

After finishing with the matter of cable connectivity of the device, then set the channel configuration on the TV. Some TVs already provide access to this option in menu Mode or Source. Generally, on a TV there are several modes or sources that must exist such as AV and HDMI. Switch the mode from AV to HDMI.

3. Configure on a Vivo Smartphone

After setting the TV configuration, then set the configuration on the Vivo cellphone. Buka menu settings or settings on Vivo phones. Then, select the Network and Other Connections menu. In the next options view, select the Smart Mirroring option. Then in the options in it, press the Smart Mirroring option again.

After entering theSmart Mirroring menu, the reader will see a list of devices available to reflect this. Select the name of the Anycast device that has been connected with an HDMI cable to the TV. Then, press the Connect option to start mirroring the phone display on the TV that is already connected to Anycast.

That’s how to connect a Vivo cellphone to Anycast that Vivo smartphone users should know. Hopefully, the information above is useful and happy watching the reader’s favorite shows!


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