How to Record Vivo Hp Screen And How to Solve Error

How to Record Vivo Hp Screen

If the screenshot is done to take a screenshot in the form of an image, the screen recorder can be used to record the screen in the form of a video. By recording the cellphone screen, all activities carried out on the cellphone screen will be recorded. For Vivo users, how to record the screen of a Vivo Cellphone with internal sound can be done in two ways.

Users can use the built-in features of Vivo or they can also use additional applications. Screen recording can be used for various purposes, such as recording games that are being played, recording videos that are turned on on the cellphone or recording other activities on the cellphone screen.

How to Record Vivo Phone Screen by Using Built-in Feature

For Vivo users who want to record a cellphone screen, it can be done without the need for additional applications byusing the S-Capture feature. Vivo users can use this feature to record screen with internal sound in it. To find out how to record a Vivo Cellphone screen with internal sound, see the following explanation:

1. Set Audio Settings On Rekam Screen

To set audio settings can be done by going to settings, then selecting the ‘shortcuts and accessibility’ menu. After that click the S-Capture menu and select the voice record settings, in the section will appear options for voice recording. If the user only wants to record sound from the system only, then select on ‘system audio’, after that click ‘continue’.

2. Record Screen

After setting up, users can directly record the screen. To record the screen can be done by swiping down on the status bar. Then select the screen record icon, thus the cellphone will automatically start recording the screen and only record the internal sound as audio. After the screen recording is complete, the result will be saved directly in the gallery.

How to Record Screen on Vivo Phone by Using Apps

In addition to using the built-in features, Vivo smartphone users can also use additional applications to record the screen. Users may consider that the built-in features of Vivo are inadequate and need other features that aremore complete in recording the screen. Thus some of the apps below can be used by Vivo users to record screen:

1. Using AZ Screen Recorder

The first application that vivo users can use is AZ Screen Recorder. Withthe application How to record the screen of a Vivo cellphone with internal sound can be done easily. Users only need to change the settings on the application by selecting the internal audio in the sound source menu. After that, the user can already record the screen with the internal sound in it.

2. Using the Mobizen App

Furthermore, the application that can be used is mobizen. The app can record screen with video quality up to full HD and without watermark. Interestingly, users can also edit hasil screen recording in this application as well.

This application is very easy to use and can be downloaded for free through the Play Store. To record the screen by using the internal sound do not forget to change the sound settings on the application. Users only perlu enter on the gallery menu and settings in the Mobizen application. Then select the sound menu, and then select the internal sound option.

Those were two ways to record the screen of a Vivo cellphone with internal sound. By recording the screen using the internal sound alone, users don’t have to worry about outside sounds coming in the recording. The cellphone will only record the sound that comes out of the audio on the cellphone. Thus the recording results will be cleaner.

How to Solve HP Vivo Error

When using a mobile phone, it is not uncommon for users to encounter various obstacles, both external and internal constraints. One of the problems that is quite often encountered is a cellphone that hangs or errors.  For the case of HP Vivo, how to overcome HP Vivo error can  certainly be learned so that users are not confused if one day they face this situation.

Not much different from other HP brands, Vivo smartphones that have been used for a long time have the possibility of errors caused by various causes. Users should knowthe cause first before looking for ways to solve  the error problem  . For that, see the causes and how to solve the following vivo cellphone error problems  :

1. Restart Device

One of the causes of hp that suddenly errors or cannotbe operated is the system in HP that is experiencing problems. The easiest way to solve this problem is to restart the device. By restarting, the  phone system will return to working normally as before the occurrence of error.

If it is difficult to operate the phone through the touch screen, users can take advantage of the power button to perform a restart.  Especially for Vivo phones that have a 16:9 wide screen,  restarting can be done by pressing and holding the power button formore than 30 seconds. That way, the phone will automatically restart.

2. Perform Software Updates

Why does hp suddenly error?  This could be due to a bug in the operating system. The bug will make the system performance stable. HP manufacturers usually provide  regular updates to eradicate the presence of  these bugsThis software update can be done through the “System Update” menu in “Settings”.

If the system has signaled for updates, do not hesitate to immediatelyimprove and install  new softwareThe updates made are useful to cover up bugs that exist in the old operating system. That way the phone will be safer and avoid internal damages.

3. Deleting Apps with Errors

For those who have just downloaded the application and installed it on the phone, pay attention to whether the presence of the application makes the phone unstable or error.  If it is true, of course, the way to overcome the HP Vivo error must be to delete the application. The applicationthat makes the error is usually a modified application obtained from a third party.

Such applications are prone to carrying malware or viruses into the phone when installed. Delete the application that caused the error through the “Settings” menu and look foroptions related to installed applications. Find the application in question then press “Uninstall” and wait for the uninstallation of the application to be successful.

4. Free Up Storage Space

The more data stored, the fuller the storage space on the phone. Try to check the storage space and if it is crowded, it could be that it makes the Vivo smartphone not work optimally. At least leave 20% free space to solve HP errors due to overcrowded memory.

5. Restore Phone to Factory Settings

The last way that can be done if the Vivo cellphone is still an error is to restore its settings to the factory default settings. Mobile phones that are already too tired can be refreshed again in this way. Of course, user data will also be lost so it is necessary to backup first.

Factory reset can be done through the “Settings” menu then press the “System” option. Select the “Backup and Reset” menu and then follow the next command. That way, all data, settings to applications will be erased and the phone will return to the way it was first used.

Those are some ways to overcome hp Vivo errors based on their respective problems. If the user is still having trouble knowing the cause of the performance of the Vivo cellphone to be not optimal, please try all the tips above until the phone returns to normal


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