How to Restore Vivo HP Keyboard And How to Turn on Vivo HP Without the Power Button

How to Restore Vivo HP Keyboard

Sometimes some Vivo smartphone users today are faced with a crucial problem that makes the keyboard inaccessible. But fortunately, the more you come here, more and more ways are found to restore the  Hp Vivo keyboard as before which can be used as a solution. Not to mention if it turns out to require a solution in a short duration.

Actually, the keyboard  condition that errors that occur in Vivo phones can be caused by many things including due to incorrect settings. In addition, there are also several other factors that are closely related to the full and bloated memory in HP devices. Please see the complete solution procedure below:

1. Using the Language Menu

First, there is a solution that can be said to be the easiest to do directly without spending a long time. Moreover, it turns out that this method can be doneby only going to the language and input section that is already available on the device. Then after that, please determine the input options that are judged appropriate.

2. Clearing the App Cache

Meanwhile, for the second solution this is also no less simple to practice even without taking a long duration of time. Each user only needs to enter the application management department and look for a choice of keyboard applications  that are indeed used on Vivo phones. Then please directly select the menu todelete the cache in the application.

3. Cleaning Keyboard Data

If you want how   to restore the HP Vivo keyboard to the way it was before, then please try to pull this without having to worry anymore. Actually, in simple terms, this procedure has asimilarity in the previous way but does not clear the cache but the data in the application. Wait for some time until the entire application data is deleted first.

4. Pre-Stop the Application

Sometimes, to be able to apply the various applicationsand features available on the cellphone, users need to stop the application first. Moreover, it turns out that by first stopping the keyboard  application running on Vivo, later the application can be displayed again as before. It’s just that, it’s a good idea for users to try to disable it for at least a few hours.

5. Try restarting your phone

Don’t miss it to know from the beginning, this   type of how to restore the HP Vivo keyboard to its original state is also easy to practice.  Plus, every Vivo HP device user only needs to take out all the applications that are being used then try to turn off the CELLPHONE device. After waiting for a few minutes, try turning the device on again.

6. Turn off AutoCorrect

For the sixth way, this can also be the best solution, especially if you want to use it in a fairly short time. Every Vivo HP user actually only needs to enter the settings related to the keyboard  application used and tryto disable auto-correction. After that, please try the keyboard feature again  and enjoy the benefits.

7. Scanning for Viruses

There are still many who do not know that it turns out that problems in using keyboard  features can be caused byvirus attacks from outside. This solution then appears to be practiced easily by starting the  virus scanning  process through the help of a special application that already exists. After that, do not forget to choose the fastest action if it needs to be abrupt.

A detailed and of course complete explanation of several ways to restore the  Hp Vivo keyboard as it was before can be considered. Especially for users of this type of cellphone who need a solution in a short time, it is better toalso adjust to the condition. In addition, some ways may require a longer procedure.

How to Turn on Vivo HP Without the Power Button

It is undeniable that nowadays, sometimes problems arise when accessing a difficult Vivo cellphone without the help of the Power button. But at least there are also some of the best solutions that every user can immediately try later.  No wonder how to turn on a Vivo smartphone without the Power button is increasingly sought after.

To overcome vivo hp devices that cannot be opened as usual using the Power button, users can try some of these solutions. But preferably from the beginning,each user also needs to understand every method below so that later it can adjust to their needs. Please see the full explanation in the description below:

1. Try out App Help

For the first type of way this maytake a longer time because it is necessary to download a help application as a solution to the problem. It’s just that, fortunately, currently there are various help applications that only need to be installed and opened in order to access their respective cellphones. Later, hp will also beused as in the original state.

2. Using a SIM Ejector

Then there are also other procedures that should not be missed to be recognized first and can be used as the best solution. This time, every Vivo HP user only needs to take advantage of theSIM ejector assistance that issues the SIM used in the device. Even later, hp can also live in a short time.

3. Using the Double Tap Feature

Meanwhile, for the type of how to turn on a Vivo cellphone without the Power button, whichis also no less interesting when practiced. Even with just this third way, each user can save time because they only need to activate the double-tap feature first. Later users can also choose a special menu for smart activation.

4. Charging hp battery

It turns out that it is no less easy with some of the ways previously described, users can also try this quite interesting way. Everyone only needs to   use vivo’s original charger that has beenowned by each of them and wait for a few minutes. After that, usually the screen of the Vivo cellphone will turn on as usual.

5. Utilize sensor features

Then for how to turn on the Vivo hp without the Power button, the user must haveactivated the special f itur of the existing sensor. After that, when dealing with the dead HP Vivo screen and the inaccessible Power button, please try the sensor. Later, you only need to point your face at the screen and the cellphone will open.

6. Turn On with Fingerprint

Almost similar to the method that was previously recommended, this method also do not miss to be recognized and made the best choice. It’s just that, usually later users can’t use a face sensor but a lain sensor, namely with the help of fingerprints. Wait for a few seconds and the phone will be accessible.

7. Bringing to the Service Place

Meanwhile, this latest solution can also be included in the list of recommendations, especially if the previous method was not successfully tried. It’s just that, for this last solution, everyone should have provided some money first that needs to be paid when it is finished. But usually with the help of customer service, the results are adjusted to the queue.

A description that explains some ways to turn on a Vivo cellphone without the Power button as above must be known to users first. Moreover, it turns out that there are indeed many interesting advantages that can be felt because some of the solutions are easy to practice, including for beginners. In addition, some of these methods can also take varying amounts of time.

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