How to Scan Barcode on HP Samsung A71 And Clear Cache

How to Scan Barcode on HP Samsung A71

Barcodes have a function to store allh of information related to certain products or data  that have been labeled with barcodes.  To scan this barcode, you can  use a cellphone.   Here’s information about how to scan barcodes on a Samsung A71 cellphone.

Using a QR App & Barcode Scanner

QR & Barcode Scanner  app can scan and read various  types of barcodes quickly. This  includes urls, text, products, ISBNs, calendars, contacts, email, Wi-Fi, and location.  In addition, you can scan the coupon code to be able to  receive a discount thus saving money.

The first  step is to  download and installthe  QR & Barcode Scanner application on the Play Store inside your Samsung A71 cellphone.  Then, open the i application on the Samsung A71 cellphone.  Next, select the Scan menu  and then,  the  camera feature will open.

After that, point the camera at the barcode  you want to scan.  Wait for the whole process  to complete. If you succeed then the result of the  barcode scanning process has been successful.

For the features of this application there are 4 yesit is Create QR, Scan Image, Scan from Gallery, and Share Contact Info  via QR.

Using Google Apps

The next way is to  use the Google application. The steps are to open the Google  app.  Then, click the Camera  icon  in the search field to scan the barcode.

Then, point the camera at the barcode  you want to scan.  If successful, you can see the scan  results directly  .

Through the Site

The third barcode scan on the HP Samsung A71   is through the website. The first step  is to open a browser on your Samsung A71 hp. Then, visit the site Then, click Allow to  allow camera access to scan barcodes.

After that, point your Samsung A71 CELLPHONE  camera at the barcode to be scanned. Then, press the camera  icon  or  directly click to the button provided.  Next, wait a while to see the results of the barcode scan.

Using the QR Code Reader App

The features in  the  QR Code Reader application include  a  barcode  scanner feature to see complete information in supermarkets and stores.

In addition, there is a QR code  generator  feature to create codes, encrypt personal information, as well as generate QR  codes for web  links up to a piece of text.  The steps to useit are to download and install  the  QR Code Reader application on your Samsung A71 cellphone.

Next, open the application then the camera will be directly on to scan the barcode. Then, point the camera at the desired barcode  and then, wait a while  to see the results.

The app is designed to be able to  read passwords by scanning codes as well as encoding information.  The app is also designed for storage permissions, camera, as well as other permissions such as contacts, sms, and sms.

Using Samsung Internet Brows er

The first step  is to open the Samsung Internet  application. Then, click the 3 vertical lines  at the  bottom right of the screen.  Next, click on Settings and click on Useful Features. After that, activate the QR  code reader by sliding the button towards  the  right.

Then, click Back, twice so you can return to the browser  window. Lalu, click on the address bar  at the top of the  browser.  A mandatory QR  code button  is displayed to the right of  the  microphone. After that, click on the QR  code button  and point the phone’s camera.

This is  done so that the  QR code can be seen in the box that is in the middle of the screen. Then, wait a while  until the browser displays the contents of the QR  code automatically.

That’s how to scan barcodes on a Samsung A71 cellphone that  you can do. You can do these methods by using applications to use the  Samsung browser.

Clear Cache in Samsung A71

Cache is temporary data  that serves to log application activities on the device.  The existence of a Cache, often creates storage  space for the device.  This is also the case with the Samsung A71.  Here is a description of  how to clear the cache on Samsung A71.

Through Each Application

The first way  is to clear the cache through each application installed on the device. You can open Settings and press the Apps feature, then a  list  of installed applications will appear. You can select some apps that you want to clear the cache.

After selecting an app, press the  app’s icon  and select Storage.  Then, press the Clear Change button.  Automatically  all caches in the application will be deleted

Through  the Device Maintenance Feature

This feature is a built-in feature  of the device which also has some advanced features. From  these advanced features, there are also features to maintain and maintain the device.  You  can use this  feature  to keep the smartphone working  optimally.

The first step  is to go to Settings and scroll down  to find  “Device Care” Device Care. After that press Memory to clean up.  This feature  provides an advantage in the optimization of your Samsung A71  device.

Via System Reboot

The first step  is to press the power and volume up buttons   at the same time until the  words Samsung appears, after which release the button.   Wait a few moments  untilthe menu is blue and select Delete Cache  Partition using the volume buttons.

Use the power  button to confirm.  Then, press using power Reboot System Now after the previous process  is complete.

Using Files by Google

The  next fig of clearing the cache on Samsung A71 is to use a  third application like Files by Google which  you can get on the Google Play Store  for free.  This application  has a feature to find and clear caches  quickly and instantly.

You can get  and use the phone  performance reminder feature  to take care of your phone optimally.   The application  also comes with a file backup  feature to the cloud, as well as offline file  sharing access.

Using Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup is also included in a handy cleaner  application to improve the performance of the Samsung A71.  This application  works by deleting  cache files that are scattered in the  storage space of the  device.

Avast Cleanup is quite easy to use and has a modern  look.  A top feature  of Avast Cleanup is Quick Clean which  you can use to quickly  clear your cache.

Using CCleaner

The CCleaner application  is quite popular among  android  users because of its performance in clearing the cache which  is beyond doubt.  You can clear the cache that is visible or not by utilizing this application.

Cache ads and various garbage can  also be removed through this application.  The feature to analyze storage space is  also bisa you use to improve RAM  performance.  Applications that are running in the background that are still working, can also be closed  at the same time.

Using Phone Cleaner

The Phone Cleaner  application offers various features that  you can use to maintain and improve the performance of  the Samsung A71.  With thiskasi application  you can remove the accumulated  c ach e.

Besides being able to clean cache,  this application also has other  features such as CPU Cooler, Junk Cleaner, Memory Booster, Speed Booster.  You can use the features of the  Phone Cleaner  application according to your needs.

Using  The Cleaner App

Cara clearing the cache on Samsung A71 using the Cleaner  application is very easy.  This application is equipped with a  feature that can delete junk files  quickly, so that the  performance of your cellphone can be significantly  improved.

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