how to unsubscribe from telkomsel card nsp And

how to unsubscribe from telkomsel card nsp

Telkomsel provider users must have installed an nsp song, installing this feature is indeed very fun. Because, other people can listen to the song when calling the user’s number. However, sometimes there are those who are bored and want to stop usingnsp. Here’s how to unsubscribe from Telkomsel card nsp easily, for an easier way, you can follow the following tutorial!

Via SMS Feature

How to unsubscribe from nsp Telkomsel card, the first one can use the SMS feature on the phone. Technique one is not difficult and can be done by even a layman. Usually this method is often used by some users to quit the service. For more details, you can follow the following directions:

  • Open the phone whose cardis used for nsp subscription, make sure to use the correct card to make the process easier and faster.
  • After that, open the SMS feature on the phone, then also open the column that is usually used to send messages.
  • Then the user can type a message with the format “Off (space) nsp code). Make sure the code entered is correct, so that nsp can stop immediately.
  • Then send it to the number 1212, after that send the message if it feels that the format used is correct.
  • Ifthere is a reply from the message, usually a reply will appear that has successfully unsubscribed from nsp. Check again whether it is true that the NSP has correctly stopped or not.
  • If they subscribe to nsp in large quantities, users do not need toslick messages one by one. But it is enough to send a message with the format “Off” only then directly sent with the same number.
  • Then if so then all the nsp used will stop all at once, this method is quite powerful and moreefficient than having to type messages one by one.

Via the Call Feature

Apart from using the SMS feature, users can also use the call feature built into the phone. The method is also quite easy and there is no need to useother patch applications. In fact, users also do not need to type a message if they use this car. Let’s just see how if you use this calling feature:

  • Use a phone whose card is already used for nsp card subscriptions, don’t use the wrong card because if it is wrong, the process will definitely fail.
  • Then users can go to the call menu on the phone, usually this menu is along with the contact menu.
  • On the dial menu of the call pad, type a dial number with the format *121*9#. After that make a call by using the sim card used to subscribe to nsp.
  • Wait for the call to be connected until a dialog box with several feature options appears in it.
  • After several options appear, users can select the “Unsubscribe NSP” menu. Don’t choose the wrong feature, because it could even make users renew their nsp subscription.
  • If you have clicked the “Send” button again and will automatically stop fromthe newly used n sp subscription.
  • Users can also automatically stop if the card used is not charged, because usually nsp will use credit as their payment method.

That’s how to unsubscribe from Telkomsel’s nsp card that can be usedby users of these providers. The above method is very powerful to use and will usually immediately dismiss nsp quickly. Users can also replace it with another nsp if they feel bored with the old nsp.

how to unsubscribe XL Priority

XL providers provide two different services  to their users, namely prepaid and postpaid.  For postpaid products, there are indeed  several advantages, such as unlimited internet  access.  But many customers complained that  the bill was too big, so they chose to find a way to  unsubscribe from XL Prioritas.  Moreover, the burden continues to increase every month.

When registering to become an XL Prioritas user,  the steps are fast, but it turns out that  many are confused about how to disable it.  Specifically  for  unsubscribing to XL Prioritas, there is no  dial code menu  like other services, which makes some users confused. Even though there are five  easy methods that can be explored, namely:

1. Send Chats Via WhatsApp

Almost all providers in Indonesia have  WhatsApp contacts to make  it easier for users  to  check services, including XL.  Likewise, if you want to disable the  XL Prioritas program, it is very easy just by chatting via WA.  Regarding the complete steps, you can follow the  steps in bawah:

  • Open a browser and visit the
  • Click the WhatsApp icon at the bottom right with the words Chat Now.
  • Press the CONTINUE TO CHAT button
  • In the WA message field  , fill in if you want to stop xl prioritas
  • Also confirm the number and ID card.
  • Submit and wait for requests to be processed a maximum of 2×24 hours.

2. Visit XL Center

If the residence  is close to  the XL Center, you should come directly to the office to get faster  service. The  nearest XL Center location  can beseen on the official XL  website. Then bring your e-KTP and  XL  Prioritas card that you want to deactivate. After   paying the administration of Rp5,000, wait for the termination process  within 1×24 hours.

Then what about  those who are busy and don’t have time to  come to XL Cen ter or stop postpaid services themselves?  Take it easy, because this process  can be represented to the closest person.  Make sure the person  can be trusted to process to completion.  But beforehand, make a power of attorney and include a tangan sign.

Prepare documents in the form of e-KTP belonging to the user and  the representative party.  Don’t forget to include the SIM  card that you want to stop the service from. If      the  identities are matched correctly, take all requirements  to the XL Center.  State the intent and pay administrasi. This process  both takes  1×24 hours.

3. Send An Email

How    to  unsubscribe from XL Prioritas will be more practical if you do it online.  Usually this requires  a process time that tends to be long than by visiting the XL Center directly.  But  there is nothing wrong with trying to send an email to customer service.  The steps are:

  • Open the email app and hit the plus icon.
  • At the destination address, write [email protected]
  • Write a Priority XL Unsubscribe Request  in the  Subject
  • Also include a logical reason why you want to quit.
  • Don’t forget to attach a photo of your e-KTP.
  • Send and wait for confirmation.

4. Using the Live Chat Feature

Another online method  that may be explored is to use the  live chat feature.  The feature is located at the address  of the website. If you are already  on the face display, you can immediately follow these steps:

  • Click the Chat With Us menu
  • Make sure all the fields in the form are filled in, from the name to the body of the message.
  • Press Start Chat.
  • If there is still remaining bill, immediately pay it and send proof of transfer on  the sama
  • Wait for the service termination process a maximum of 2×24 hours.

This is how to unsubscribe from XL Prioritas using 5  different methods. If you have time and are not busy, you should  just come to the  XL Center to get a faster process at.  But there is nothing  wrong with trying  out online methods.  In addition to stopping the service, users can also  return to XL Prepaid.

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